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Perthshire, Scotland, PH1 4NL

Green Tourism

In 2014 we were overjoyed to have been awarded GOLD by the Green Tourism Business Scheme.  Although we are no longer members of the Scheme we still work hard to adhere to their principles in the day-to-day operations of the Hotel.

Environmental Policy Statement

Introduction and aim

The Tayside Hotel is a family run small hotel located in the village of Stanley in Perthshire, Scotland. Our main business is the provision of accommodation, food and bar services to both residential and non-residential customers. We recognise that our operations result in emissions to air and water, and the generation of waste. It is our aim to comply with legislation and other requirements, continue to reduce the environmental impacts of our business and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. This policy describes how we will achieve our aim.


This environmental policy applies to all Hotel operations including management and administration, catering services, 'Front of House', accommodation and maintenance. Joanne Hardy, Hotel Owner, is responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented. However, all employees understand that they have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.


We will ensure that resources are available to enable us to achieve our objectives and targets.

Objectives & Targets

We constantly review our practices and procedures to ensure that we not only get good value for money but to ensure that everything we do has a minimal impact on our local and national environment.

Some of our on-going aims are:

  • reduce the generation of food waste (on-going);
  • work with suppliers to reduce delivery packaging and convert to re-usable cartons (on-going);
  • to become more proactive in the reduction of energy usage by making use of evolving technologies where cost efficient to do so (on-going)
  • Working towards Zero-Waste by ensuring that we recycle as much as is possible by making use of on-site facilities and services offered by our suppliers

Monitoring and Auditing

Progress against these objectives will be monitored through regular management meetings.


This environmental policy is available on request. If you wish to obtain a copy or would like to discuss our progress against our objectives, please contact the Hotel direct and speak with one of the Partners.

Click here to download this statement PDF

Click here to download our Responsible Visitor Charter to see how you can help us achieve our goals PDF

Here at the Tayside we are committed to doing our bit to cut waste in every form. In turn this means we keep our waste costs down and thus keep down the costs you pay to stay with us.

Actions we have already taken

Some examples of ways in which we have reduced our waste and energy usage:

  • Installation of Bug Hotel: Working with local Brownie Group to achieve their nature badge
  • Installation of wormery to help compost waste food to be used in the gardens:
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging point
  • Use of 100% renewable energy tariff
  • Chemicals changed to seldom 'eco products' where possible
  • Hotel Herb Garden
  • Discourage food waste by encouraging 'doggie bags' i.e guest take cakes home after high tea
  • Recycling of furniture to / from Castle Projects (Mental Health Charity)
  • Creation of Green Conference Package
  • 98% of Confirmation letters sent by email due to new booking system
  • dedicated and prominent 'Green' Section on our website
  • Creation of 'Green Guide' to activities and transport option while staying at the hotel
  • Installed insulation in Hotel roof spaces
  • Raised over £1000 for local Macmillan charity by holding events and taking part in the Worlds Largest Coffee Morning
  • Continued sponsorship of Stanley Socca: New strips and the staging of fundraising events and prize giving at the Hotel (recently agreed continued sponsorship of kit for 2015-16 season)
  • Staff working with local groups e.g. SDT, Bowling, Tennis and Staney Socca to conduct feasibility study to build a village sport / community hub to secure future of the local clubs

These continued improvements go hand-in-hand with things we have already achieved:

  • waste food is composted for our own use or sent to food recylcing
  • all waste is sorted within the hotel and collected by dedicated lorry to ensure that everything that can be is recycled appropriately (cardboard, glass, plastics, etc, etc)
  • Our empty drinks cans are collected by Perthshire based charity 'Can-able' who sell on the cans for recycling while raising funds at the same time.
  • all our bar fridges are on timers so that they are only 'on' and using electricity when required. - the same goes for our cellar beer chillers as well
  • all computer monitors are set to switch off completely after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • all fridges and freezers are on a 1 month defrost cycle to prevent ice build-up and to ensure that they are running at their most efficient
  • all kitchen freezers are set to run at -18 degress Celsius and no colder - this is the optimal temperature for frozen food storage and is also the most economical temperature too
  • we have had 'water misers' installed in both sets of Gents toilets to reduce down unnecessary flushing of the urinals
  • all toilet cisterns have been adapted to reduce the amount of water held and where replacements have been installed these offer a 'dual flush' system
  • Our housekeepers switch off televisions and equipment chargers when they carry out room services
  • where appropriate we have installed flourescent, low energy or LED lighting; our Function Room lighting is entirely low energy based with occupancy sensors also installed in washrooms
  • the majority of our suppliers come from within a 50 mile radius of the Hotel - thus helping keep down our in-direct contribution to carbon emmissions
  • our boilers are serviced regularly to ensure that they are running at peak efficiency
  • Lighting on the 1st and 2nd floors has been fitted with occupancy sensors so that they only come on when someone is in the corridor
  • printer paper is now 100% recycled from a Green Office Supplies company along with Hotel business cards being printed on recycled card.
  • Guest Room toilet paper is now Nouvelle branded which is 100% recycled
  • We are pleased to confirm that for the second year running all of the electricity used by the Hotel, including that used to provide the majority of our hot water, is now provided through biomass generation.

What Can You Do To Help?

As a Guest here at the Tayside you can help us by carrying out some very simply things:

  • Utilise our towel save system where guests only have towels replaced when necessary.
  • Conference guests are encouraged to use a whiteboard instead of a flipchart , and asked to use only as much of the recycled paper provided as is necessary
  • By switching off lights and taps when not in use or when leaving your room, you can help conserve energy.
  • When travelling, choose to take public transport to explore the area. Extensive information is available in room packs and from hotel staff.
  • Respect nature and do not litter in and around the hotel. We are interested to hear about any wildlife guests have spotted during their stay for our records.